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event-lobbyEvent Lobby

After logging in, you’ll find yourself in the Event Lobby where a video greeting will welcome you. You’ll find clearly marked entry points for various show locations – Auditorium, Exhibit Hall etc. Running along the top of the screen is the Navigation bar for quick access to area locations.



exhibit-hallExhibit Hall

The Exhibit Hall provides a simplified directory of all exhibiting companies. You can mouse over an exhibitor’s logo to see a description of the company. Then, click on the logo to enter their Virtual Booth.



exhibitor-boothExhibitor Booth

Just like a real booth, exhibitors set up their booths with company and product literature, presentations, demos and more. Booths are staffed with company representatives and technical staff to answer your questions. You may participate in an ongoing Booth Chat with other attendees. Some companies may request you to fill out surveys or take polls. Look out for booths offering exciting giveaways too!



Visit the Auditorium for viewing presentations. You may setup Outlook reminders or save presentations to your briefcase to view later. Conveniently search for presentations by company, track, keywords etc.



networking-loungeNetworking Lounge

Peer networking is a key element of any trade show. Attendees can network with one another and chat about the event’s content, theme and sessions. Exchange emails or V-Cards with other attendees, and invite them for one-on-one chats.



resource-centerResource Center

A central library for viewing all content – such as case studies or white papers in addition to webcasts or any other dynamic presentations – in one place. The user friendly interface provides tools for searching, viewing and rating each resource. Alternatively, you can save them to your briefcase to view later.


social-suiteSocial Suite

At the bottom of the Lobby, the Social Suite tab enables a twitter feed for the event. In addition to Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook allow attendees to share the experience with their networks. There is even a group chat feature, all within this one feature.



my-profileMy Profile

The first time you log into the event, your profile will need to be updated. Filling out your profile completely and accurately will help you network with attendees and sponsors. Here you will have access to documents you might have downloaded to your briefcase from the show. You'll also be able to indicate your time zone, set-up your chat preferences, compose messages, tweet and more!




Accessible from the Navigation Bar, utilities are provided for Content Search and People Search. Within the search function, there are basic and advanced options to further fine-tune your search criteria.